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February 10, 2021 0 Categories Uncategorized

Port Perry and Bowmanville Network Joined

After many months of work, we are happy to announce that our Port Perry network, and our Bowmanville network are finally joined.

The Oak Ridges Moraine provided us with a real challenge, after many months of looking for an ideal spot, we found a land owner who was willing to work with us to install a new tower, in a location that was at the top of the ridges, and close enough to a road to get access. Even better was the fact that we could get Hydro service without too much trouble. Installing a tower during winter times has it’s own set of issues, but installing a remote tower, away from the road, on an un-improved road, that sits 40 feet above the road is even harder.

With the help of a very large concrete pumping truck, a few hundred pounds of road salt, the largest crane we could get, and some help from our friends, we were able to get the 80,000 pounds of concrete poured, and a tower installed. The last section of the tower was installed by headlamp as night set in on one of the shortest days of the year.

Connecting Hydro to the site took us another month to get completed. Between getting the frozen ground trenched, and getting our electrical panel installed and waiting for inspections, (while fretting that someone wouldn’t see our brand new outdoor rated expensive hydro panel sitting in the woods and think it would be better in their cabin), we were delayed more then we liked by the whole experience. In the end, Hydro One was scheduled and a few hours after they arrived we had power.

The Pandemic has really caused an increased in the demand for Internet capacity, in our case, the nightly peaks are just about triple what they were last year. As a Wireless Internet Service Provider we were lucky to be planning ahead to have this capacity available.

Our new tower bring 50% more capacity once we can finish off some of the interconnections, which we expect to complete in the next few weeks (when it isn’t blowing 30km/h+ winds and below freezing).

This will allow us to continue to service some new areas like Enfield, and further regions of North Oshawa, areas we’ve had calls from for the past while who are in dire need of faster internet.

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